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The Story

Functional Training Playground was founded by Corey Vlaciky and Luke Saliba in 2016. After working in and observing the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, they noticed something interesting. While there were plenty of gyms and training facilities that were all highly competitive and intimidating, and low intensity classes for everyone else… Why wasn’t there a fitness facility that delivered high level training in a really fun, low-pressure kind of way?

Introducing Functional Training Playground

FTP is a place where people of all backgrounds and fitness levels can come together and train in a fun, safe environment. You can expect to make friends, laugh lots, and of course sweat buckets – all while achieving fantastic results.

We use a variety of training techniques and equipment to take your physical and mental fitness to the next level. You’ll get stronger, faster, increase your endurance and transform your mind and body. Only, because you’re doing it with a fun group of people, it won’t even feel like work!

Our Mission

Our mission at FTP is pretty simple. We want to bring together the local community and help them in any way we can – and we plan on having fun while we do it! Some of the ways we’ll do this include:

  • Providing a safe and friendly family environment to train in
  • Providing fun, effective classes that help create amazing results (mentally AND physically!)
  • By running events and seminars to educate the community about health and fitness
  • By helping to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease through fitness and education
  • By creating an atmosphere that motivates and inspires everyone to make positive changes
  • By getting involved in local organisations through sponsorship and volunteering
  • By employing an inspirational, goal driven team of locals within the company



Thinking about a Group Functional Training Gym in Penrith?

Then look no further than the Penrith’s own Functional Training Playground. Located on Union Lane, this Functional Training Gym brings together fun, fitness and profesional personal trainers, all under the one roof right in the centre of Penrith. We understand that the traditional Penrith gym format is not for everyone, and it’s with that in mind that we’ve created group functional training classes, so that no matter your fitness level, your health can be improved upon here.

Looking for the motivation that comes with a personal trainer in Penrith? Why not try a Penrith fitness playground? The Functional Playground in Penrith is a functional training gym where you have every benefit of a personal trainer, but are instructed, motivated and guided to meet your personal training goals to improve overall health, tone up fast, lose that baby weight and do it all with a smile.

Before you settle on a Penrith Gym, consider a group personal training environment. Personal trainer in the Penrith area in a group personal training setting is the ideal way to make your training easier by keeping yourself motivated and making each training session fun.

Other gyms in Penrith (fit and fast and anytime fitness) might offer all the same fitness equipment and accessories, but they are lacking the one thing that you might truly require, that FUNctional Training Playground personal training motivation. After all, instruction and motivation are the two main reasons for choosing a personal trainer / personal training gym in Penrith.

How to increase strength, flexibility, mobility, speed, endurance, fitness and cardio?

The clear advantage to attending our Functional Training Playgroup, beside the FUN, is that it will increase your strength, flexibility, mobility, speed, endurance, fitness and cardio all at the same time. While the tradition unguided gym experience might work on two, or maybe even three of these factors, it takes the experience and guidance of professional personal trainers to get the best out of your body and health in the time allocated whilst keeping the experience fun.

Want to know more about FTP?


Want to know more about FTP?

Get in touch with us or fill out the form below to request your 7 Day FREE pass . We look forward to seeing you in class!




The Team

At FTP it’s never about us, it’s always about YOU, so you won’t hear us bragging about our credentials. But you can rest assured that with our 20 years of combined experience in the health and fitness industry, you’re in very good hands!

Corey Vlaciky

Corey Vlaciky

Corey is a qualified and registered level 2 personal trainer and strength and conditioner in Penrith. He has an extensive background in rugby league at a number of NRL clubs (currently the strength and conditioner at Penrith Panthers NYC 20’s team), working on athletic fitness, goal setting and mental application techniques at a professional level. He’s a strong believer in achieving goals not only through intensive physical training, but also with nutritional education and healthy mindset training.

Luke Saliba

Luke Saliba

Luke has been working as a qualified, registered level 3 personal trainer, gym instructor and group fitness instructor for over 10 years. His background in rugby league and martial arts (he’s a blackbelt, watch out!) give him an edge as a trainer, allowing him to incorporate creative techniques to push his clients’ athletic abilities to the max. His passion is helping people reach their short and long term goals and has experience working through gyms, running outdoor bootcamps, at schools running kids programs (Teenfit) and around the community (running Heart Moves for the elderly).



Want to FEEL better and have some FUN in a safe, Penrith environment? Try our classes and get on the road to a FUN, FIT FUTURE.

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